What's That One Chore You Still Hate To Do?

I thought; for me it would be laundry. It seems that no matter what I do there are still hampers over flowing with items I don't even remember the kids wearing and some I cant remember buying. Yet in every bedroom and bathroom of my home there is a tad bit more laundry.

Our family, like yours, has also been swept up in the whirl wind of economic insecurity caused by the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Instead of Adult children being able to fly the nest, we have chicks returning to the roost. Yes the laundry is piling up. It leads to an all day sound of an humming machine, more missing socks, and a spike in the water bill.

The way the dryer thumps around I am certain its getting more action than any of us!

HAHAH I Jest! In all honesty I do not mind the laundry. I love the smell of dryer sheets, warm towels, and fresh linen. I love milky liquid detergents, and some times a good air dry. So if not the laundry, you wonder, what could I possibly like the lease right now?

Dishes ! It seems like we all eat at different times, all of the time, and oddly different things at the same time. Now that everyone is home during the day. So the kitchen is seeing a lot of traffic. There is always time in our house for meal time, coffee time, snack time, keto time ! Did I not mention all of the extra trips to the bathroom?

Boy or boy, so here are some tips to make all the extra house hold traffic bearable, easier to clean and maintain, even though it is just our own families.

1. Don't Wait. Wash That dish, rinse the basin, wipe down that counter, distinctive the shower, etc each and every time you use it.

2. Do not allow clutter to take over your space. We are working, home schooling, exercising and living all in one space. Using the same space to do all of the things we used to go else where to enjoy. To avoid your space becoming a blur. Set times for everything,family time, work time, gym time class time etc. Much like you did before the quarantine. Now instead of 15 minute commute from the office to the gym, we can use that time to transform the space from our office to the gym. Take in this 15 minutes between ending work for the day and working out the space.

Here are some other friendly tips:

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Most importantly wash your hands!

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