Deep Clean and Disinfect

We Go Deep


We provide a no obligation consultation, for all the services we provided in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding valleys.

We provide a thorough site walk through with you. This allows us to better understand your needs, and provide a solution tailored to solve your needs.

We will provide a detailed written description of the services to be provided.

All services may be booked as a standalone service or in combination with other services in a project.

We make it easy to see beyond the clutter.

Initial cleanings set the tone of the environment’s future health. We take a deep detailed approach.

  1. We remove all debris and clutter.

  2. We remove rugs, fixtures and furniture as necessary.

  3. All removed items are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.

  4. All interior surfaces, fixtures, and appliances are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.

  5. All items are returned to the environment.

  6. The entire area receives  a final sanitation steam and air purification. 

​CCCleanAZ Technicians, understand that each environment has it own needs, but that tackling a job should be simple.