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In 2001 I went from being a homemaker to a widow.The only experience I had was in the restaurant industry.  So I went back to school to become a nurses aide.  After two years of still struggling to make ends meet I took all my skills as and went back to school to become a MA. Still struggling now as a student and single mom, I turned to my homemaker skills,  combined with my drive and determination and I opened a small cleaning service. Initially it was a way to make ends meet while helping new moms, or just overwhelmed moms. Then in 2006 I was contracted to clean, my first day care and my first restaurant. By the end of 2009 I had 15 homes to clean, and more than a dozen property owners had used my services. Now in 2020 I have moved my skills, training drive and determination, here to my new home here in Phoenix Az. The Best part about being centrally located is I never feel cut off or to far from any part of the valley.  The CCCLean Technicians look forward to expanding in to other parts of the great State of Arizona!

We take training and safety seriously. I have years of medical training and experience paralleled with decades of commercial maintenance. We follow OSHA & CDC GUIDELINES for the safety and well being of our clients and our staff.